Got questions? We will try to answer them here! 

What is the travel box?
Each travel box will include 5-6 curated items related to the travel theme or destination chosen for the box. 

What can I expect in each box?
Part of the fun is the mystery of things to come but we do understand that it may be hard to buy an "unknown" box not knowing what it inside! Each box will contain a mix of items that can include useable products made from local small businesses (soaps, candles) or wearables (jewelry) to things you can eat or drink (coffees, teas, sauces, spice blends and snacks). The mix of each box is designed to bring the destination to you through your senses as best we can so each box will be different as they are released. But each person that subscribes each time will receive the same items in the box, thereby "going" to the same destination. 

How does the travel box subscription work?
Not your average subscription service! You can purchase the box once to cure your vacation blues or purchase it each time a new box is released for the same anticipation and excitement not knowing where the next box will take you. 

Travel boxes will be released every two months with a limited number of boxes available. They will be available for sale until the 25th of previous month, or until all boxes are sold out. 

First box will be released in August and is now available for sale until July 25, 2020 (or until all boxes are sold). 

Where do you ship from? 
All boxes are shipped from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Shipping is through Canada Post.

Do you offer custom travel themed boxes?
Yes! If you have a specific trip planned ahead and would like a custom-created box, or purchase one as a gift, then we can custom-create a box themed to the destination of your choice. 

Do you have other boxes?
Coming soon. We do have other ideas boxes in mind so stay tuned for some additional box ideas as we are curating them and bringing them to life! 

Do you offer refunds?
All purchases are non-refundable. If you are not satisfied with your box, we encourage you to send us your feedback to help us improve for future boxes. Travel boxes are created and curated with love so any feedback to help us improve is always appreciated. 


And we have questions for you too! 

Are you a business that wants to be featured?
We are open to ideas, suggestions and collaborations! As the boxes get created, we will be highlighting the vendors to increase their exposure to help give local small businesses extra love and support to help them as much as we can. 

Get in touch with us if you have a product you feel would be a good fit within our travel box! Send us an email at joytravelbox (at) gmail.com. 

Are you a travel advisor or travel agency who wants to send a custom travel box to your clients?
As a fellow travel advisor with a travel agency business, we can work with you to custom create the perfect travel box for your clients to get them excited for their trip! 

Reach out to us a joytravelbox (at) gmail.com and let's work on creating something amazing for your clients!